Tv9 Gujarat – Two Died 14 injured after falling from over crowded Local Train, Mumbai

Two passengers were killed and 14 were injured on Thursday after falling off an overcrowded local train at Mulund which created chaos among people. Due to turbulence in Mumbai local train commuters hand at windows and doors or some climb on roof of train. This proved fatal for 16 commuters on Thursday. After falling from the local train they hit signal pole. Two died on the spot while 14 sustained injuries and were shifted to hospital.

Tv9 Gujarat – Ra.One Animator Met Accident, Mumbai

Ra.One animator, Charu Khandal, met with an accident when she was returning home from a restaurant. She was returning with her sister and friend after having dinner. Their auto rickshaw was banged by a Honda City car. The car driver, Manoj Netrapal, was drunk. Charu is admitted in ICU at Kokilaben Hospital. However, despite of being drunk, the police released him on bail for 5000/- rupees. Her father accused police of being ignorant. Recently Charu worked in Ra.One and also received National award for her work.

Tv9 Gujarat – Conductor rams school bus in Divider as driver was too drunk to drive, Ahmedabad

The bus conductor was driving school bus as its driver was too drunk to drive the bus. The conductor did not even have a driving license. Hence, he rammed the bus into a divider. Both the driver and the conductor are arrested. The children in the bus suffered minor injuries following which they were given first aid. The onlookers says that the driver lost control while trying to avoid hitting a motorcycle rider. Police has filed a complain against both and is investigating in the case.

Tv9 Gujarat – Girl appeared for board exams despite painful treatment of Limb lengthening, Ahmedabad

Karishma is undergoing treatment of limb lengthening as her height is 3 feet. Following this treatment springs are kept in her legs. Her height has increased upto 16 inch. She cannot mold her legs or sit constantly for 3 hours because of these springs, hence her parents were also present to help her. On the other hand a student who faced accident recently is appearing the board exam with a writer. In yet another case a Saint of Swaminarayan temple is also appearing his board exam in order to study Sanskrit.

Tv9 Gujarat – 6 People Died and 15 Injured as Bus Collides with Dumper, Vadodara

An over speeding bus from wrong side thrashed into a dumper who was parked aside because of puncture. In the accident 5 people died on the spot while another died during treatment at hospital. The bus was on its way from Sabarkundla to Surat. The injured people were rushed to SSG hospital. Many of them are missing.

Tv9 Gujarat Jeep Caught Fire, Kiled two Kids, Ahmedabad

Two children died of severe burn injuries in Vejapur on Wednesday. Aman and Seba, aged between 3 – 4 years, were playing in the jeep and the jeep caught fire all of a sudden. Neighbors heard their cries and informed their family members. However, the kids were burnt severely and were taken to VS Hospital where doctors declared them dead. Vejalpur police called the FSL team to examine the Maxx jeep to know the exact reason behind fire breakout.

Tv9 Gujarat – Doctor who took Blood Samples of Teen Labdhi Shah Interrogated Third Time , Ahmedabad

Police has taken statement of the doctor that treated Labdhi Shah for the third time. Doctor said that the police asked him to take her blood samples where as it is supposed to be done only by a Government Doctor. According the FSL reports are dispatched within two after samples are given yet still there is no clue about her reports.

Tv9 Gujarat – CCTV footage unveils teen rammed three vehicles which claimed one life,Ahmedabad

On the wee Hours of New a year a white alto car rammed three vehicles consequently which claimed life of a youth. The accuse of reckless driving is 19 year old Labdhi Shah who was driving back home after 31st party around 4 AM in the morning. However the accuse claimed that she did not kill anyone. “I was returning from a friend’s party when a black car came out of Indraprastha Towers near Himalaya Mall and hit a biker. The injured biker fell on the bonnet of my car and rolled down. I was startled and lost control of my car” said Labdhi Shah. Now an 8 min 27 sec video footage is taken by the police that depict the entire horrendous incident of that fateful day. The CCTV footage placed by Himalaya mall near Indraprashtha clearly shows that it was indeed the white Alto driven by Labdhi that killed Gaurav Rajyaguru and not a black car as she has been claiming in front of the media. Witnesses said that Gaurav was leaving Indraprastha Towers on his bike that fateful day when he met with the tragedy. His cousins were following him on another bike and an Activa. Gaurav had just come out of the main gate, and was at a five-foot distance from it, when a white Alto car rammed into his bike. It was 4.48 am then, the footage shows. On Monday Labdhi Shah was arrested and got bail also. Police has now resumed its investigation based on the CCTV footage. Her blood samples had been sent to hospital to ascertain that she was drunk when she Knocked Gaurav Rajyguru.