Tv9 Gujarat – Increased number of patients of malaria and cholera in Ahmedabad and Vadodara

After a bit of rains there has been an outbreak of malaria, cholera and other such diseases because of the Continue reading

Tv9 Gujarat – Increased in number of Jaundice among people, Vadodara

There has been a notable increase in the cases of jaundice among people of the city. The main reason behind this is the contaminated water that people gets. The health department of Vadodara Corporation has started taking samples of contaminated water from the areas and has started the drive of testing them. People demands pure water from the corporation.

Tv9 Gujarat – Health Department seized cheap quality cold drinks and candies, Ahmedabad

Health Department of Corporation is taking strict actions against those who are selling unhealthy food products this summer. The health department raided in areas such as Meghaninagar and Saijpur and seized 100 bottles of cheap quality cold drinks, 300 packages of pepsi cola and bulk of ice cream and candies. These cold drinks were without registered trade mark and did not had a manufacturing or expiry date on it.

Tv9 Gujarat – People contracting Jaundice by drinking polluted water,Ahmedabad

Nothing can be worse than not getting potable water to drink. In the Chandoliya region of Ahmedabad,women have to travel long distance to fetch potable water for drinking as the water available in their region is mixed with sewage water. People of the region have alleged that due to polluted water and unhygienic condition they are contracting dreadful disease like Jaundice. On this Corporation stated that so far now only four cases of Jaundice has been registered.