Tv9 Gujarat – Leopard trapped in iron railing rescued, Mysore

A leopard is rescued by forest officials after it injured itself with the iron railing of a factory in Mysore Continue reading

Tv9 Gujarat – Terror of leopard in interiors of Mumbai

People living in Filter Pada area claim to have spotted leopards frequently in their area. Residents are under threat because Continue reading

Tv9 Gujarat – Girl eaten up by Leopard in Mulund, Mumbai

On Sunday night, a man-eater leopard hunted a six-year-old girl when she was answering nature’s call near a garbage heap Continue reading

Tv9 Gujarat – Lion terror increasing in villages, Veraval

Terror of lions has increased in villages of Veraval. Recently lion hunted cow of a farmer and despite the villagers Continue reading

Tv9 Gujarat – Three Leopard caught in same cage, Veraval

In the History of Veraval Forest Department an unusual incident tool place. In three hours three leopards were caught by forest department. Forest department were out on prowl to catch these roaming leopard which has put people of Veraval in Terror. Tv0 accompanied forest department in the operation. In last two month incident of leopard attacking and eating people has increased which led Forest department to carry out this operation. In wee hours of last night at 2 am one leopard was caught in the trap which was planted b forest officers. After a while another leopard was caught too. Later at 4 am when the third leopard came to rescue the rest too it also get trapped in the cage.

Tv9 Gujarat – Forest Department prepares to catch the Leopards Veraval

Following the threat of leopards every now and then, Forest Department has started operations to catch these leopards. They has imposed cages at several places and are using goats as prey to lure the leopards. Also the officials are taking help of such device that make exact sound of a goat.

Tv9 Gujarat – Leopard trapped between Cactus rescued, Junagadh

In Khambadiya village of Junagadh a Leopard got stuck in Cactus. It got tangled between cactus that it could not move also. When the villager came to know about this they immediately informed forest department. Officers reached the spot and started the rescue operation. Initially they tried to take it out of the cactus but they failed as the leopard was getting injured by the cactus was in pain. Therefore the officers shot injection to make it unconscious. After that they removed it from cactus after three long hour of rescue operation. It was then sent to Sasan center for treatment.