Tv9 Gujarat – Civil Hospitals of Surat and Rajkot are flooded with patients

Following the rains there has been an outbreak of diseases such as malaria, cholera, typhoid, etc. in Surat and Rajkot. Continue reading

Tv9 Gujarat – AMC drive to control Malaria in City, Ahmedabad

Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation has started a drive to kill mosquitoes. With increasing heat the number of diseases, especially in March month increases. In March month the number of malaria cases was 406 in which 5 people died whereas in April month till now a total of 112 cases of Malaria has registered. The Corporation is keeping a keen eye on food units.

Tv9 Gujarat – Foul Drainage System in Vastral

Residents of Vastral are troubled by the foul drainage system since a long time. Yet no steps are taken to solve this problem. The area is filled with ponds and lakes of waste water and garbage. People complains that since last 15 years the condition of this area is same. Diseases such as dengue, and malaria is a routine task for these people. Whereas officials says that on receiving complains they do take actions to solve the problem. But no permanent solution has come till now.