Tv9 Gujarat – Son of female corporator attacks man with knife on minor dispute, Ahmedabad

Son of Saraspur corporator, Manjulaben Thakore attacked a shop owner in the area. On a very minor dispute Anil Thakore Continue reading Tv9 Gujarat – Son of female corporator attacks man with knife on minor dispute, Ahmedabad

Tv9 Gujarat – Leopard trapped in iron railing rescued, Mysore

A leopard is rescued by forest officials after it injured itself with the iron railing of a factory in Mysore Continue reading Tv9 Gujarat – Leopard trapped in iron railing rescued, Mysore

Tv9 Gujarat – Investigators suspects IM Operative to be one of the Pune bombers

Investigation agencies suspect that Indian Mujahideen (IM) operative Yasin Bhatkal, the man most wanted for a string of terror attacks Continue reading Tv9 Gujarat – Investigators suspects IM Operative to be one of the Pune bombers

Tv9 Gujarat – Pond filled with money, Guwahati

On Monday, Indian currencies in the denominations of Rs. 1000 and Rs.500 were found floating in a pond of Guwahati. Continue reading Tv9 Gujarat – Pond filled with money, Guwahati

Tv9 Gujarat – Recent murder of a jewelers left other jewelers scared, Mumbai

After the murder case of a jeweler that took place in the bright day light at Malad, the jewelers are scared of such robbers. There are many jewelers in Mumbai and they carries out huge transactions manually only and hence such cases are life threatening for them.

Tv9 Gujarat – Villagers protests Sai Trust, Demands 50% partnereship, Shirdi

People of Shirdi blocked roads in protest against the Shirdi Sai Trust. They protest then the chairman and vice-chairman of the trust should be from the village only as it was in the past. Before 14 years the Shirdi temple was managed by villagers only but many mismanagement came into light. As a result the trust took over the charge of managing the temple. Villagers now demands that they should get punishment for the mistakes which their forefathers did.

Tv9 Gujarat – Forest Department alongwith villagers thrashed Bear till death, Madhya Pradesh

A bear was beaten up brutally by villagers who entered the village. They battered the innocent animal with sticks and even set the forest afire to kill the animal. The bear’s mistake was that it entered a house in this village during the night and injured 4 people including one forest official. This agitated the people who left no stone unturned to kill the bear. What more disturbing is that when forest officials arrived at the spot, instead of saving the animal and giving him a first aid they dragged the bear tying with their car. This later killed the animal.

Tv9 Gujarat – Controversies arises follwoing celebration of Bihar Day on 15th April, Mumbai

In order to celebrate Bihar Day in Mumbai, Nitish Kumar is supposed to come in Mumbai. The Bihar Day will be celebrated on 15th Day following which Raj Thackeray, Nitish Kumar, and Uddhav Thackeray have come face-to-face. Raj Thackeray said that the Bihar Day was on 22nd March and Nitish Kumar wants to celebrate it on 15th April, we will not allow this. On the other hand Uddhav Thackeray said that if they want they can celebrated Bihar Day on 15th of April but in return they must also allow us to celebrate Maharshtra Divas in Bihar on 1st of May.

Tv9 Gujarat – Mother of Baby Afreen demands strict punishment for devil father, Bangalore

3 month old Nehabanu Afreen, died out of cardiac arrest after she battered by her father, Farooq. Reshmabanu, her mother, accused that Farooq used to torture her and her baby as she gave birth to a baby girl. Reshmanau was inconsolable on the death of her baby and demanded that Farooq, should be severely punished in such a manner that it should set an example for people who in lust for boy child ignores their female babies. Farooq is in police custody as of now, and everybody wants critical punishment for the accused.

Tv9 Gujarat – No identity of various people who died in accidents of Local Trains, Mumbai

Various people dies due to fatal accidents that occurs in the Local Trains of Mumbai. In year 2010-11 a total 7162 people have lost their lives in these local trains and 8245 people were injured. Among the dead around 2504 dead bodies were not identified. These numbers came out after an RTI done by Samir Zaveri, an RTI activist. It revealed that in one year approximately 1100 dead bodies are not claimed by anyone and final rituals are done without their family members. The reason why some dead bodies are not identified is that the face get spoilt in the accident and lack of proofs.