Tv9 Gujarat – AMC to impose Solar System at Government Buildings, Ahmedabad.mp4

Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation has decided to install Solar System in Government Buildings to save electricity. Among them main AMC building, Memco Sport Complex, Saradar Patel Stadium, and Kotarpur Water Treatment Plant will have Solar plants weighed 100 kilograms. AMC had decided in the budget 2012-13 to save electricity. This decision will help save the electricity in large amount. On the other hand official has also made an action plan to make sure diseases do not spread through water and for this corporation has also checked and raided many illegal distributors of unhygienic or contaminated water.

Tv9 Gujarat – Solar Bike to beat Petrol Hike, Aurangabad

An engineering student made a solar bike that runs of sun. The bike runs on sun which helps saving petrol costs. The bike contains a solar panel. Mustaq Shaikh included many facilities in the bike. It is cost effective and long lasting. The bike can also work as an inverter in case of electricity cut off.

Tv9 Gujarat – Solar Mobile House in Nagpur

Solar Mobile House can be made in half an hour of time. This portable house as solar system installed in it which gives power in the house without any connection and allow the light and fan to work for hours. The house is made by Amit who is an engineer.