Tv9 Gujarat – Staff bus of a private company stolen, Ahmedabad

Staff bus of a private company was stolen from SG Highway. On Sunday the bus was parked at its regular Continue reading Tv9 Gujarat – Staff bus of a private company stolen, Ahmedabad

Tv9 Gujarat – Power supply stolen for protest against corruption by MJP, Ahmedabad

A Dharna was organized by Maha Gujarat Janta Paksh in favor of Lokayukta against State Government. But in this protest Continue reading Tv9 Gujarat – Power supply stolen for protest against corruption by MJP, Ahmedabad

Tv9 Gujarat – Stolen SBI ATM found from closed house alongwith the money, Ahmedabad

A gang of thieves stole and ran away with an entire ATM machine from Maninagar on Monday. . The machine contained Rs 21.83 lakh cash. They also attempted to steal the other ATM machine but due to some reason they failed to do that. Police immediately reached the spot and has started probing in the matter. On Wednesday police was successful in finding the stolen ATM. SOG found the ATM in a chawl of Khokhra. It was surprising that when machine was opened it contained the cash which it had. Due to some reason thieves could not open it. On Investigation it has surfaced that the house is of Girish Namdar and Umashankar patel used to live in the house on rent. But this house was in closed condition from long period. Police is further probing in the matter.

Tv9 Gujarat – ATM Machine once again stolen, Ahmedabad

Thieves stole ATM machine of SBI Bank in Maninagar. They first cut off the wires of the electric meter outside ATM center as a result the light of center went off. After this they even cut off the wires that were joined in the ATM machine and even tried to break the second machine in the center as well. But because of certain reasons they were not able to break the other machine. Hence they took away one machine. It was found that there were not CCTV cameras in the machine and also no security guard was on duty. Police said that the machine was stolen late in the night. Later police found the machine in a closed house of Bhuvan ni Chali. SOG reached the spot but found that the money was stolen from the machine. Police has received name of the robbers and has confirmed to nabbed the accused within a short period.

Tv9 Gujarat – ATM Machine without Security Guard Stolen, Bharuch

Thieves stole an entire ATM Machine of SBI Bank. The ATM center did not had a security guard. There were only inbuilt cameras and CCTV Camera inside the center among which the CCTV Cameras were not working. The ATM machine was fixed with the help of mere 4 bolts. It seems that the thieves already knew about the poor security of the ATM machine. The visuals captured in the inbuilt cameras are not very clear.

Tv9 Gujarat – One more ATM Machine Stolen in Vadodara

Thieves stole ATM Machine in Vadodara yet again. This is the second theft of ATM in the city. This time they stole an Axis Bank ATM Machine that was installed before three months only and the watchman was yet to be appointed. The ATM machine had a total 2.22 lac rupees.

Tv9 Gujarat – Child Stolen from Hospital, Mumbai

A woman stole child from hospital. The child was with Durga when an unknown woman them. The unknown woman started being friendly with Durga, and when she was filling the hospital form the unknown woman offered a helping hand by taking care of the kid and within fraction of seconds flew away with the kid. Police is investigating further in the case by making sketch of the unknown woman but such cases of kidnapping is rising high.