Tv9 Gujarat – Unique configuration of 11-11-11

There was loads of buzz of the date 11-11-11 which has arrived. This unique configuration was much awaited. Many expecting mothers have postponed or Pre Poned their delivery dated to bring their kid on the fate date of 11-11-11. Many marriages are also happening on this date of unique configuration which comes once after hundreds of year.

Tv9 Gujarat – 10000 supporters of Anna Hazare gathered outside Tihar Jail

When Anna Hazare decided to stay in Tihar Jail Huge number of His supporters gathered outside the Tihar Jail.Shri Shri Ravishankar also came to meet Anna Hazare in Tihar Jail.

Tv9 Gujarat – Gujarat royals honour Narendra Modi

In a new development, former rulers and princesses of several erstwhile royal families of Gujarat and few from Rajasthan honoured Chief Minister Narendra Modi at a function held at Ranjit Vilas Palace at Vankaner in Rajkot district.

Tv9 Gujarat -Ramdev Baba breaks nine days old fast

Baba Ramdev finally broke his fast on Sunday, Jun 12. Ramdev’s fast, which has entered the ninth day on Sunday, left the UPA government in a tensed situation.

Tv9 Gujarat -Allah inscribed in cloud appeared on top of Dargaah

In Ahmer on the occasion of sufi saint hazarat khwaza an unusual natural incident took place when ya alaah like fonts appeared in clouds

Tv9 Gujarat – Jai Ram Ramesh on Gujarat development

Environment minister Jai Ram Ramesh on visit to gujarat raised question regarding gujarat’s development,which made BJP to revert back

Tv9 Gujarat -Western Railway earned 1600 crore

Compared to last year western railway has earned 1600 crore which is 16% more from last year