Tv9 Gujarat – Leopard trapped in iron railing rescued, Mysore

A leopard is rescued by forest officials after it injured itself with the iron railing of a factory in Mysore Continue reading Tv9 Gujarat – Leopard trapped in iron railing rescued, Mysore

Tv9 Gujarat – Leopard entered house caught after 11 hours, Amreli

A leopard entered house in Mota Jhinjhoda village. The family ran out of the house after learning about the leopard. People in large amount gathered in front of the house. Forest Department also reached the spot and started operation of catching the leopard. After 11 hours of hard work the leopard was caught in the cage. The leopard is shifted to Jasadar Animal Care center.

Tv9 Gujarat – Lion dies because of Overdose of Drugs, Junagadh

Irresponsibility of forest officials who injected three injections to make the lion unconscious . The lion was found ill and officials in their attempt to catch the lion injected three injections which resulted in his death. On the other hand forest officials said that they fired five injections from which three were transfused in his body. Everyone is waiting for the post mortem report of the lion after which action will be taken against the responsible person.

Tv9 Gujarat – Sasan Gir Lions Now in Zoo, Surat

Lions from Gir are brought in the zoo of Surat. This has created great enthusiasm among the people of Surat. A lion and lioness is brought by the Magapalika who are very happy on their success.