WATCH LIVE: Shri Narendra Modi to speak at various rallies across India, from 18th April to 23rd April, 2014.

From 18th April to 23rd April, 2014, Shri Narendra Modi will address ‘Bharat Vijay’ rallies across India.

Shri Modi will address supporters and karyakartas in Uttar Pradesh, Assam, Chhattisgarh, Bihar, Madhya Pradesh, Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, Maharashtra and Gujarat.

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For youth, 2014 elections are not about a new government but about their future: Narendra Modi


On the evening of 17th April 2014 Shri Narendra Modi addressed people across India during the 3rd round of Bharat Vijay Rallies. Lakhs of people across 13 states attended the rallies in the various venues to hear Shri Modi. Appealing to the youth of India, Shri Modi said that the 2014 Lok Sabha elections are not only about who will form the Government but also about their own future. He added that even if a week is wasted in the lives of our youngsters it is considered a waste. Giving a befitting answer to the immature comments by the Congress Vice President, Shri Modi affirmed, “Shahzada can be busy with his balloons and toffees but the nation wants mature politics and a government that can win as many trophies for their good work.” Expressing joy over the high turnout in the voting held across India so far, Shri Modi stated, “After today’s phase a large section of India has already voted and people have voted in large numbers braving the scorching heat. First time voters and women voters are showing immense enthusiasm. All this voting shows Congress’ departure is certain. The focus is now on a strong government.”

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Shri Modi also took the opportunity to give a strong reply to the UPA Chairperson for her statements while making a television appeal to the people of India, where she talked about BJP disrespecting institutions. Asking the UPA Chairperson to introspect and look at her own Party, Shri Modi reminded that it was the Congress that imposed the Emergency and curtailed freedom of speech and expression. Similarly, he recounted the instances of UPA misusing CBI and creating tension between IB and CBI. On the appointment of CVC, he recalled that it was Leader of Opposition in the Lok Sabha and BJP leader who raised several valid objections but despite that the UPA did not listen and it was the Courts that finally had to intervene. “Sonia ji, you have nothing left to tell the people that is why you are saying all this,” Shri Modi pointed. 

Shri Modi even talked about the NDA’s priority to endure that people of India get clean drinking water. He wondered why the Congress and its leaders, who take pride in giving several acts to the people have not been able to provide clean drinking water to the people despite being in power for so many years. “Be it waster water treatment, rain water harvesting and micro irrigation, we will have to actively look at these methods,” opined Shri Modi.

During his speech Shri Modi made a strong appeal to the people of India to bless the NDA with over 300 seats so that the nation gets a strong government that has the space to clear the deep mess left behind by 10 years of UPA misrule.

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NDA is the most reliable alternative for the future of TN: Narendra Modi in Tamil Nadu

On the morning of 17th April, Shri Narendra Modi addressed massive rallies in Erode, Ramanathapuram and Kanyakumari in Tamil Nadu, and made a strong pitch in support of the NDA alliance, which Shri Modi said would be ideal for the interests of Tamil Nadu and the youth of the state. He highlighted local issues ranging from job creation to improving the local economies and presented his vision on how the NDA would solve these issues.

The lack of development in Tamil Nadu, inspite of the vast potential of its textile industry and farm products, was hugely condemned by Shri Modi, who said that there was only ‘one Lady’ responsible for the mess. Referring to former Environment Minister Jayanthi Natarajan, Shri Modi spoke of how this ‘Lady’ had stalled all the infrastructure projects in Tamil Nadu, citing the excuses of ‘green projects’. “Crucial infrastructure was delayed, growth stopped and youth lost their jobs. Who is responsible for this? 1 lady of Tamil Nadu was responsible for delaying lot of infrastructure projects. This lady of Congress caused huge loss to TN and India. In the name of environment all projects were stalled and Jayanti Tax was being imposed. However, this ‘Green’ was not about trees but about currency,” said Shri Modi.

Shri Modi also condemned the game of politics played by the DMK and AIADMK, wherein they took turns to rule the State and simply ruin its resources rather than working for the progress of its people. “Till TN is not freed from these 2 main parties the interest of the people will not be served,” said Shri Modi.


Highlighting the vast potential of Erode’s burgeoning textile industry, Shri Modi stated that the city, with its cotton-dyeing, colouring and handloom sectors, could well become the textile heaven of India, and with the right infrastructure linkages, could prosper and give employment to many youth. He criticized the Central government for the stagnation witnessed in this sector, and questioned the Congress Vice President on whether the Centre had the aptitude to develop this industry and provide the means of livelihood to many, something that China had achieved remarkably. Emphasizing on how the adoption of Common Affluent Plants in the textile industry could save this sector and the environment, Shri Modi affirmed of the BJP’s promise in its Manifesto, of developing the entire value-chain of the handloom sector, with credit support and latest technology.

Shri Modi appreciated the hard work of farmers of Erode, and acknowledged how this had contributed to making their produce preferred across the country, especially spices like turmeric. He attacked the State and Central government on its failure to tap into this expanding market and further promote the market for herbal medicines and cosmetics. “Medicines, cosmetics and herbal industry can change the economy here. BJP will give special focus to develop herbal medicines, Ayurveda,” said Shri Modi, as he assured of providing the market with required technological upgradations and an approach for value-addition and packaging.

Shri Modi also spoke of how the Centre’s regressive policies had brought the market of the very popular Sivakasi crackers to a near-end, and given the crackers from China an opportunity to capture the local market. Shri Modi questioned the Congress President and Vice President for their lack of concern to provide employment to the youth, and said, “Indian youth is talented and want to work hard but you took away their jobs by your regressive politics.”

In Kanyakumari, Shri Modi spoke of the tremendous tourism prospects for the region, and stated how a double-line railway between Kanyakumari and Tamil Nadu could give a massive boost to the influx of tourists. “Scope of development in TN is immense. Kanyakumari alone can play such a big role. We can make such a Kanyakumari that the entire India will come here. This can be developed into a tourist spot,” said Shri Modi, even as he further added how developing the tourism sector would directly lead to the creation of employment opportunities for scores of people.


Speaking on how unemployment remains a big concern in Tamil Nadu, Shri Modi quoted figures which proved that the employment exchange of TN had given opportunities to negligible number of youth in the past. He cited Gujarat’s efforts at empowering the youth through skill development and employment generation, and assured that the focus for BJP was on good governance and development, and thereby enable job creation. “We will reorient the economy in a way that job creation will be at the centre. National Multi Skill Mission will be created, and Tourism and labour intensive manufacturing will be promoted,” said Shri Modi.

Hitting back at Smt. Sonia Gandhi’s recent claims of the UPA working for the safety of the fishermen, Shri Modi questioned if the killing of Indian fishermen by Sri Lanka, was what their ‘safety’ meant off. He further spoke of how the Congress President and the Tamil Nadu Chief Minister were putting the blame on each other, for this sorry-state-of-affairs. He shared the BJP’s focus on working for the betterment of the fishermen community and cited how the Party would ensure that training and technology-orientation would enable the fishermen to succeed in the emerging business of ornamental fish.

Affirming that the Elections 2014 were about ‘India First’, Shri Modi spoke of how the Nation was now looking forward to having a decisive and accountable government at the Centre. Recalling the close association the land of Kanyakumari shared with Swami Vivekananda, Shri Modi said, “This land has a close relation with Swami Vivekananda, who dreamt of India’s youth making India a Vishwa Guru.” He urged the youth to become voters and not merely canvassers, and support the new alternative of the NDA in Tamil Nadu. NDA is the most reliable alternative for the future of TN. Our alliance under Vijaykanth, Vaiko, Ramadoss and Radhakrishnan will change the face of TN and the face of India,” said Shri Modi.

Shri Modi also paid tribute to freedom fighter Dheeran Chinnamalai on his birth anniversary, today.



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We promise a revolutionary approach to national development, for the good of India & our youth: Narendra Modi in TN

On the evening of 16th April, Shri Narendra Modi addressed a massive rallies across Tamil Nadu. Shri Modi spoke in Krishnagiri, Salem in Tamil Nadu, and urged the people to support the BJP and their allies in Tamil Nadu for the overall progress of the state, saying that the alliance has emerged as the most powerful alternative that will do things for Tamil Nadu in 60 months that have not been done by Congress for 60 years.

From the BJP Manifesto’s focus on developing the handicrafts and handloom sectors by ensuring value-addition, branding and credit linkages to the initiation of the Pradhan Mantri Krishi Seechai Yojana which will link rivers and ensure adequate water and power supply to the farmers of Tamil Nadu, Shri Modi shared many such focused initiatives of the BJP which could enable Tamil Nadu to rise above the other states and make a mark on the national front.

Citing the divisive and destructive politics of the Congress, Shri Modi spoke of how the Nation was tired of their Acts, and wanted Action now. Promising a revolutionary approach to development, Shri Modi emphasized on how the BJP would work as ‘Team India’ wherein the Centre would work in tandem with the States and chart the growth story for the Nation.

Narendra Modi campaigns in Tamil Nadu

Shri Modi appreciated the skill of Salem and the strength of its people of Salem and stated how the Central government has never bothered to tap into this.

In Krishnagiri, Shri Modi talked about the importance of empowering our youth for the development of the nation. He even said that we need to elect a government that thinks about the youth.

Shri Modi said that even though the figures of urbanisation and literacy are high in Salem, the sanitation facilities are still verypoor, and stated how the BJP emphasized on health assurance and would make concerted efforts at ensuring ‘Swachch Bharat’. He also assured of a home for all, with all basic amenities, by the year 2022, when India celebrates its 75th year of Independence.

Stating the unsupportive trade policies under the Central government, Shri Modi spoke of how India, inspite of being rich in iron ore, had to import manufactured steel. He affirmed that under the BJP, India would evolve into a manufacturing hub by adopting global practises and latest technology.

He urged the people to support the BJP and bring the Nation the change it deserves.

Shri Modi’s rallies were very well attended. Captain Vijaykanth, the Leader of the Opposition in the TN Assembly and leader of the DMDK was present in Salem.

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Narendra Modi speaks in Madhya Pradesh, urges people to defeat the Congress and end their misrule


Speaking at rallies in Ratlam and Kukshi (Dhar) in Madhya Pradesh, on the afternoon of 16th April, Shri Narendra Modi appealed to the people to end the misrule of the Congress and support the BJP whose government has successfully brought out Madhya Pradesh from its tag of ‘bimaru rajya’ and developed it into a progressing economy.

Shri Modi spoke of how Shri Shivraj Singh Chouhan had, with his people-focused initiatives, brought MP back from being a ‘bimaru state’ and transformed it into a developing economy. He affirmed that if Shivraj ji could do this for MP, the BJP could do the same for the Nation.

Shri Modi said that the people’s preference was evident in the way they re-elected the BJP in the states of Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh and Chhattisgarh. “What is the reason that people in Chhattisgarh, MP and Gujarat are electing the BJP again and again? People here have seen the BJP, they have understood BJP well and they trust the BJP to solve their problems. People are aware that the BJP’s sole aim is to work for the development of the people,” said Shri Modi, even as he further added, “MP ended Bantadhar politics back in 2003, and now it is time to do the same in Delhi.”


Speaking on the rampant corruption prevalent in the Nation, Shri Modi stated that this has been the practise of the Congress since ages, and cited how even during Shri Rajiv Gandhi’s rule, this prevailed, as was evident in Rajiv Gandhi’s statement of the Rupee from the Centre reaching the poor only as a mere 15 ps. Shri Modi affirmed that the poor, Dalits and impoverished have full rights on the resources of the Nation, and the BJP will ensure that these are used for their welfare and the welfare of the entire Nation.

Shri Modi affirmed that the 2014 Elections would lay the foundation stone for the bright future of the people, and especially the youth in the age bracket of 18 to 28 years. Urging the youth to take the lead, Shri Modi asked them to do their bit for the Nation by bringing the BJP to power and ensuring progress for the Nation.





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WATCH LIVE: Shri Narendra Modi to address the third round of 3D Bharat Vijay Rally on 17th April

Bharatiya Janta Party (BJP) along with Citizens for Accountable Governance (CAG) will organize the third edition of the 3D ‘Bharat Vijay Rally’ on 17th April, at 7.00 pm.

The initiative, which will allow Shri Modi to connect to hundred locations simultaneously, will be carried out multiple times, allowing people at more than thousand locations to connect to him. In the previous two rounds of the 3D Rally, Shri Modi has addressed people from 150 cities across the country.

You can watch the events LIVE on and follow live tweets on narendramodi_in

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Shri Narendra Modi’s website launched in Urdu language

Today, on the morning of 16th April, the official website of the NDA’s Prime Ministerial candidate Shri Narendra Modi (, was launched in Urdu language.

Narendra Modi’s website in Urdu

Launched by noted Bollywood personality Salim Khan in Mumbai, the website in Urdu language is amongst the many focused initiatives of Shri Modi at reaching across to a cross section of people. The site contains a biography of Shri Modi’s and talks about the development initiatives in Gujarat in the last decade.

“The website in Urdu is an excellent initiative. Urdu is a beautiful language, which has evolved in India, and I am extremely happy that this innovative idea has been accepted and implemented. It is truly a praise-worthy initiative,” said Salim Khan.

Shri Salim Khan added that he inaugurated the website as a person who deeply appreciates Urdu and supports initiatives to popularize the language. He also said that he will keep contributing towards the website. Shri Khan lauded the development work in Gujarat under Shri Modi’s leadership as well.

Shri Khan stressed on the message of peace and harmony in society and said that for an ordinary Muslim, what matters most is employment and education not divisions in society, which do not help anybody.

The launch of the website in Urdu is one of the many technology-oriented initiatives of Shri Modi taken towards putting across his views to the people across the borders, and his focus on soliciting their views for the Nation.

The website is already available for reading in 11 regional languages (Gujarati, Hindi, Sanskrit, Kannada, Malayalam, Telugu, Tamil, Marathi, Punjabi and Assamese and Odia) and 4 foreign languages (Russian, Japanese, Chinese and Spanish), along with English.

Shri Narendra Modi’s website launched in Urdu language



Shri Narendra Modi’s website launched in Urdu language

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